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New Community 
12:52am 07/04/2006
  Hello, everyone. I hope this isn't in violation to the rules or anything. If it is, tell me and I'll delete this post.

I would just like to promote a new community my friend and I created. It's knivesmilly4eva and, as the name suggests, it involves the pairing of Millions Knives and Milly Thompson. It's a very new comm, but if anyone is a fan of Knives/Milly and has an fanfiction, fanart, whatnot, feel free to join and contribute. Also, general-related Trigun stuff is welcome in the comm too.

Thanks in advance! ^_^

X-posted to many places. Sorry!
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10:31am 19/10/2004
  Hey all!
Ok, I'm not too sure if this is has been discussed before, or if this is even a plot-hole but I was wondering- Does Vash need to eat?
In Episode 26, it's shown he's waited a year for Knives to come back, and it's not clear if he had to leave to find food or if he stayed there without leaving, following Knives' orders.
Most people I talk to think that that Vash didn't leave at all during that period, which leads to the presumption that he doesn't need to eat.
However, in Episode 10 (I think), he pratcially apologizes to an egg for having to eat it.

So. If Vash DOESN'T have to eat, why is he pointlessly killing a chicken? If he DOES have to eat, why didn't he starve to death waiting for Knives?
Could it be that he does have to eat, only just not a lot and not often? Or could it be that the Plants can produce fake eggs as well?
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11:44pm 06/08/2004
  Musings Inc.
Musings Inc.

Alright. So, this may not sound related to the community, but I gaurantee you, it will be in some way. I have made a forum, and it's called Musings Inc. It's an ANIME forum! :D

The message board has many different anime topics such as Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Hellsing, FLCL, and a whole bunch more. It also has Yaoi, Yuri, and Hentai goodies (but please read the information before going into any of those) for all of you that love either of those three, and it also has a place for general chat, fanart, an ART SHOP, gaming, etc. Just a lot of good stuff.

Okay, so the reason I'm here is, obviously, to advertise my little anime forum. And I'll admit, you will most likely see this in several different places since I'm gonna be spamming all over the place.

Anyway, I need help getting this forum up and on it's feet because right now, there's few members and a whole lot of threads that need some hardcore fans to fill it up with topics.

I'm not asking for you to join it. Well, actually I sort of am, but...you don't have to. LOL. Just check it out by clicking that button up there and if you like, then by all means...join!
And if you would, please help to spread the word around by spamming as well! ^_____________________^

Thanks a bunch to all help given!!!

Manga Time Issues 
06:05pm 16/06/2004
mood: amused
Alright, so I'm reading the Dark Horse English translation of Trigun Maximum volume 1 when I notice something. Is this a mis-translation, or did Nightow miss something on the march of time? Am I mis-reading something?

Just an odd little thing I noticed. In the manga, the Fall happened 150 years ago (as opposed to 130 years ago in the anime). Alright, I got that. Vash is an old fart at 151 years old. Okay.

In TriMax 1, Meryl celebrates her 23rd birthday on Stardate 0113. A little over two years before, she witnessed the Fifth Moon incident in the year 0110.

I look back in Trigun volume 1 for the date of the July incident. That happened in 0104.

Okay, if the city of July was destroyed 104 years after the Fall (assuming the people of the planet started keeping track of time from the Fall), and Meryl is the tender age of 23 in the year 0113 (and, at this time, Vash is with Grandma and Lina - which happens in the manga as well as the anime) - How could the fall have taken place 150 years ago? How can Vash be 151 years old? Shouldn't the year be Stardate 0150?

I'm a bit confused.
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Murder Machine 
12:44pm 09/06/2004
mood: okay
So I'm watching Trigun from the beginning again and last week I watched Murder Machine.

Ever notice that at the very beginning when we see the bus driving, the Cross Punisher is actually on top of the bus, before they even get to the 'meet Wolfwood' part?

Yeah... damn those lazy animators, again!

I found it quite funny.
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01:24am 08/06/2004
mood: drained
I was wondering if anyone noticed that in the episode with the drunk guy who is a gun smith that when Vash sneezed Millie and Meryl were talking about him? Is that why he sneezed?
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04:52am 04/06/2004
mood: cheerful
since the TriMax's all havent come out yet, i thought i would find a site and read about it.

Well it said that Elindra the Crimson Nail and Wolfwood were both trained by the same person.
i was just wondering if anyone knew if it were true.

so...Collapse )
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01:20am 30/05/2004
  Ok, I am curious about the manga. Could someone tell me soemthing about it? Like what the first series is called? Is it just Trigun? Also how many volumes? Thanks a bunch!!!  
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Weaponry issues 
05:09pm 19/05/2004
mood: amused
Something I noticed in the episodes where they show the scene with Vash getting his arm blown off, did anyone notice that Vash was holding his and Knives' guns, but when Knives shot Vash, his gun sounded just the one he made and used against Vash in the last episode?

Is that odd?
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Why Does Vash Eat Meat? 
01:12pm 26/04/2004
mood: amused
Hi, I just dropped by and thought I might post, hope you don't mind. This is something I've always pondered about the series: Does Vash eat meat, and if so why?

He's shown eating an egg, but he basically apologizes to it. He's also shown eating salmon sandwiches, and makes no protest when Meryl is teaching Zazie's gang to preserve meat right in front of him. Yet, he didn't want the sandworms to be killed, even though they were clearly mindless. As as I said he apologized to the egg.

Not exactly a plothole, but still, what do you think?
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What they wear... 
04:23pm 23/04/2004
  Not exactly a plothole, just something I find endlessly odd/funny about Trigun.

I am currently wearing my cosplay coat. I went to visit a friend and I wanted to model my coat for her. I happen to live in southern Arizona, which is a desert. It is late April.

This thing is hot! Well, not overly hot, but if I did a lot of walking around in it outside right now, well, I'd be hot. What really kills me about my costume is wearing my military gloves. I have these vinyl gloves... I hate wearing gloves anyway, and they're hot, but anyway... Even the coat is a bit warm, and my cosplay coat is made from cotton. I requested the person who made my coat to make it out of somewhat thin cotton because I was commisioning it for Anime Expo, which I wore it at (California in July).

All I have under the coat is a pair of black pants and my bra and undies. Now, Vash lives on a hot desert planet, wears a coat which I assume to be quite a bit thicker than my cosplay affair (made of denim or leather), AND he wears this thick, complicated, leather bodysuit underneath it all.

How does he not die?! I'd think, with all the wandering across the desert he does, he'd overheat a lot and faint all the time! It wouldn't be so bad in the winter... Desert winters are somewhat cold. They aren't like Minnesota or anything... only seen it snow where I live once in my life, but it does get a bit chill and Vash's clothing would be quite comfy here in the winter, so I assume on Gunsmoke...

But he wears the getup in the summer, too! Gah! Assuming Gunsmoke gets anything like Arizona, and I assume it does - it is supposed to be a HOT desert planet, arid, a climate somewhat like the SAHARA...

Okay, how does he not... die in that?!

Also, look what Wolfwood wears... he wears all black, full slacks, and longsleved coat over a shirt. Midvalley is dressed similarly, Milly and Meryl wear a lot of heavy clothing.. just look at Meryl's pants and cape! Gah! I guess excuses can be made for some of the stuff they wear... in Old West days, women were supposed to be modest and wore lots of clothing.. and Wolfwood's outfit is that of an Old West itenerant preacher, and the dress on Gunsmoke is roughly modeled after Old West stuff... (Seriously, I don't know how people in the Victorian Era out here survived).

But... still... what they wear.. and especially Vash... Hot, desert, lots of clothing... GAH!

We never, or almost never see anyone in shorts on Planet Gunsmoke. As a desert-dweller, this makes little sense to me.

It just shows... this stuff was written by Japanese people who have probably never been to an actual desert!
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Call it a plothole in the head 
09:47pm 20/04/2004
mood: dirty
This is the screenshot from episode 25 showing Legato after he was shot.


Now, I'm not some randomly sick fan of gore or anything, but anyone who has any *idea* of ballistics (even the Hollywood one you get from living with a bunch of CSI fans) knows that a bullet fired at such close range from such a big gun would NOT have made a clean entry and exit wound like this.

More to the point, it would have torn his entire head and face to shreds ala Second Renaissance style, not left him lying on the ground with a small puddle of blood behind his head.

Plothole? Modified for the benefit of a lower rating? You decide. ^^
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My first post, regarding the Booze Plothole 
03:49pm 20/04/2004
mood: mischievous

No, the Booze Plothole isn't just any old plothole that is most likely attributed to Nightow-san getting bombed before writing. ^^

I wonder if anyone else has noticed that the sheer amount of alcohol in Trigun is a plothole that one could drive an eighteen wheeler through? ^^

By that I mean, to produce whiskey, one must have a *HUGE* amount of grain or rotted fruit of some form. To make wine, fruit is needed in large amounts. For beer, hops (which IIRC can't grow in a desert environment) are needed. Also, yeast, much water, and temperature-controlled conditions are also needed for the production of almost any alcohol.

No, I'm not a drinker-I just know how it's made (which is probably one reason *WHY* I'm not a drinker XD ^^) and this just stands out to me.

None of these things (with the exception of apples or grapes in Arcadia) seems to exist in large amounts in what we see of Gunsmoke in the anime.

Yet, every town seems to have an inexhaustible supply of alcohol of all forms, from beer and wine to high proof whiskey. This supply survives even parties, visits by Wolfwood, Vash, and Milly (~.^), and whatever else could possibly put a dent in it.

I think this has got to be a plothole. XD

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Episode One Art Goof Up 
01:08pm 19/04/2004
mood: horny
Descartes is clearly inspecting Vash's gun. (Not the fourth gun, perverts, the AGL Arms .45 Long Colt) As clearly seen in the screenshot.


Click on the link. Observe.

Vash comes to the rescue via Thomas (or Tomas, whichever you prefer).

Okay, if Descartes stole the Long Colt then how on earth does Vash still have the gun in his possession?


See? See? .45 Colt again. Yet, he's seen retrieving it from Descartes at the end of the episode. Yet no website I have seen so far has reported on that Plothole.


So would you call this a Plothole or what? How'd I do?
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03:47pm 31/03/2004
  Ok, this isn't really a plot hole, because I don't think it's ever been brought up in the series, but more along the lines of a question.

I was reading a fanfic, and Vash was mentioning that it was 7:30 AM.

Which got me thinking...

With two suns, would their times be different? And does Gunsmoke orbit ONE sun or TWO?

Would they have twenty-four hours in a day? thirty six? fourty eight?

I don't know much about space (never my favorite subject) but I just wondered if anyone had ever given it any thought before and whether or not they had come to a conclusion.

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Time inconsistency in Vash's early years. 
11:41am 31/03/2004
mood: pedantric
Well, I went back and read
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<lj-user "ili_chan">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Well, I went back and read <lj-user "ili_chan">'s post about the fifteen years that are supposed to have taken place prior to Vash's first confrontation with Knives that results in their splitting up. Yes, I agree that probably someone wasn't counting correctly, but the number fifteen <B>could</B> conceivably be reached through a slight fudging of numbers. Consider this <lj-cut text="pedantric babble and choplogic following">:

1) When passage of time is denoted at the bottom of the screen in an episode, it is almost invariably rounded to the nearest whole number. Thus, we cannot simply assume that the exact time elapsed is the number of years shown.

2) Furthermore, when someone says that two years have passed, it could actually mean anywhere from 2 to up to nearly 3 years of total elapsed time, correct? Given that a written time of 2 years actually has such a wide range, we would be better off taking an average of the possible times being described. Thus, 2 years is actually 2.5 years, 3 years is actually 3.5 years, etc... And when you think about it, any number from range 1.5 < t < 2.5 is definitely able to be rounded to 2 years. In mathematics, that's fair game.

So, let's take a look at these years, taking these things into consideration. First, we say that the twins are one year old when the ships crash. Okay... what evidence do we have of this, exactly? A statement by Steve, saying more or less: "Look how big these freaks have grown in just one year." We can use our assumption #2) to say that he is actually referring to an age of 1.5 years. The other bit of evidence to their ages is out of the manga, which depicts a first birthday party for Vahs and Knives. Well, we don't know exactly how much time has elapsed between this party and the crash of the ships, so this estimate of one year could in fact be several months off. Once again, I think it's safe to substitute 1.5 years for 1 year.

Okay, so we've now decided that Vash and Knives were 1.5 years old at the time of the crash. Then, we are told that several months have passed. I repeat *several* months. Dictionary.com defines "several" as: "An indefinite but small number; some or a few." So, a few months is some time less than a year... in fact, any number of months UP TO a year. For the sake of argument, I am going to say that several, in this case, is 11.99999 (it is not yet a year, thus we are free to call this amount of time several months rather than an entire year). At this point in time, the twins are therefore 1.5 + 0.99999 = roughly 2.49999 years old. We would still call them 2 years old, by assumption #2).

Next is, as ili_chan put it, the "big jump" of ten years. Except, we now know this to be 10.5 years, if you'll recall, which brings their total age to 12.9999 years of age (not quite teenagers yet!)

Knives goes off into the ship for "1 year", which we know is an interpretation of the true elapsed time, 1.5 years. When Knives emerges from the ship to reunite with Vash, the twins are now 14.499999 years of age. One may safely round this number to 14.5 years. Yes, the twins are now 14.49999 years old.

So, wait... when we say that they are 14.49999 years old, we are not really including the first year of life as a year, are we? When we celebrate a child's first birthday, we are in fact celebrating the beginning of the second year of life. So, although we call the twins 14.49999, they are nearly at the half-way point of their fifteenth year of life. Thus, it is reasonable that Knives would refer to the span of his and his brother's life as 15 years, if we refer back to assumption #2). Which we do. Or, at least I do.</lj-cut>

So, there you have it. The twins are 15, just as Knives states.

Or, if you don't subscribe to my mathematics, then Knives just can't do basic arithmetic!

[Okay, I'm sorry for this post. I've been spending WAY too much time with my mathematician friends in the last week]
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Love the new look 
12:18am 30/03/2004
mood: bored
I love the new look. KUdos to you!
01:31am 30/03/2004
  When I read silver_arm's comment in response to my clouds-on-gunsmoke post:

"Yeah, it's the lack of clouds that gives deserts their characteristic weather patterns (the whole being very very warm during the day and then suddenly becoming terribly cold at night because the heat is not held in by clouds).

Oh, well. The more I try to explain it, the more I come to the conclusion that Gunsmoke is not at all like any desert on Earth.

Either that or Nightow was on crack when he thought up the planet. I'd have to *try* to come up with a setting that made less sense."

I was suddenly struck with this idea- Nightow's totally ridiculous, spur of the moment, and completely hyperactive plot construction of the series. In this thought, he pretty much constructs Trigun on the spot at an interview, which explains why there are so many flippin' plot holes. ::snicker:: Keep in mind that this was done with only the most love for the series and it's brilliant creator, and meant to be a lighthearted joke.

Nightow: Hey! Look at this character design! I had this whole "misunderstood outlaw with a heart of gold" plot floating around in my head, and this character-design is perfect! See the long, stiflingly hot red coat! And underneath it, I will put leather! Lots of tight leather! It makes so much sense! And I will call him.... Vash. Err.. Vash the Stampede!

Magazine interviewer: Vash the... what? I don't get it.

Nightow: Next question!

Magazine: Ummm.. Ok. Where, Mr. Nightow, will this "misunderstood outlaw with a heart of gold" story take place, if I may ask?

Nightow: You may! Umm... I know! I distant planet!

Magazine: A distant planet... But...

Nightow: Oooh! Even better! A DESERT PLANET! With sand and lots and lots of suns and hardly any water!

Magazine: ....

Nightow: But they'll still have salmon and rice and pocky and (continues listing things)

Magazine: ...but you said he was going to wear a red trenchcoat... and leather.... um.

Nightow: (still talking).. and trucks and booze.


Nightow: Well, maybe not Pocky.
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Plot hole that's been bugging me a while... 
08:15pm 29/03/2004
  Hey, I'm new, and it's nice to be here ^_^

Anyway, this is a plot hole I noticed when watching episode 25 of the anime

All begins with KuronekoCollapse )

Anyway, just thought I'd make my observations known ^_~
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Community Announcement 
08:26pm 29/03/2004
  I'm at a loss as to what image to have for the backgorund. So if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Also... anyone got any clever comment links? I like having LJ's look spiffy.
And I can't damning figure out how to make the user icons show up next to the corresponding post in this Disjointed style. Grrr.

And if anyone has a Trigun related website they think is really good, or if you just wnat to plug your site give me the link because I can stick it on the side of the LJ page, under the Friends Page link and that stuff.

Have something against the look? Don't like the colours. Tell me nicely and I'll change it. After all... we all have to look at this page on occasion. Might as well enjoy it.

Ooo... and if anyone wants to make a Community icon, go for it We could all vote on one or something. If someone submits something I'll be sure to have their name in the icon keywords.

Thanks for the input *if I get any ^_^*
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